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How To Start A Roomba Robot?

Roomba robots have been actively adopted across households in the US. Providing users with the ease of cleaning, these robots are clearly leading in the market. If you have recently purchased a new iRobot roomba, learning the setup process becomes crucial. This blog will walk you through the easy steps you can follow to start a roomba robot without any hassle.

Beginning with the Roomba Robot setup

There is a simple three step roomba setup guide you can follow to begin cleaning operations using your roomba robot. Starting from activating the device to initiating a cleaning cycle to downloading and installing the iRobot Home App, you’ll find complete steps to access the roomba robot. Here are some of them you can follow:

Activating your Roomba Robot

  • Place the Home Base charging station flat against the levelled floor in an uncluttered area.
  • Plug one end of the power cord to the Home Base and the other one into the wall power outlet.
  • Remove the yellow colored bin insert from beneath the robot and place the roomba robot onto the home base. Make sure that the metal charging contacts on the Home Base match with those underneath the robot.
  • If the connection is successful, you’ll hear a series of tones and the LEDs on the front panel illuminate. You’ll notice the “Clean” button on the top of the robot glow as well.

Starting a Cleaning Cycle

  • Press the Clean button on the top surface of the robot to begin a cleaning cycle.
  • This will trigger the robot to clean an entire level of your home during the initial cleaning cycle. This can also be called a mapping run, in which roomba records its movements and then prepares a map to be used for future cleaning cycles.
  • If the battery level dips below the required amount, before it has finished a cleaning cycle, the robot will return to the Home Base to recharge itself automatically. Once the battery is charged completely, roomba will resume its operations automatically, thus completing a cleaning cycle.
  • In case the Home Base is inaccessible, Roomba won’t be able to recharge itself and will return to its starting location, thus terminating the cleaning cycle.

Downloading the iRobot Home App

  • Open your device’s respective application store and download the latest version of the iRobot Home App on your smartphone.
  • Once downloaded you can use it to register your roomba, manage cleaning operations, customize cleaning preferences and monitor the robot’s activity as well.

The iRobot Roomba WiFi Setup

Connecting your robot roomba to the wireless network is important as it helps the robot to work seamlessly. Here are some steps you can follow to setup your roomba robot with the wireless network easily:

  • Connect your Roomba to the iRobot Home app. Make sure the roomba charging station and the robot are ready, and you have the Wi-Fi network name and password available with you.
  • iRobot uses the Bluetooth feature to set up and connect to your device. If the Bluetooth is not turned on, the App will ask you to do the same during the setup.
  • You may also see a dialog box asking for permissions to detect your location. This feature has to be enabled so the roomba iRobot home app can detect the bluetooth connections nearby.
  • Once ready, place the home base charging station in an area with good Wi-Fi coverage and on a leveled floor surface with a clear path for movement.
  • In the next window, assign a name to your robot. Type a name and press the “Continue” button.
  • You will now see a list of networks on the iRobot app. Click on the network name and key in the Wi-Fi network password to connect to the same.
  • In case there is no password restriction, check mark the radio button and click on the Continue button.

Roombas’ internal Wi-Fi network will now be activated so your smartphone can locate the robot. With the robot on its charging base, press and hold the Home and the Spot button till you hear a tone. You may also hear a blinking green Wi-Fi icon or in some cases a flashing blue light ring on the Clean button.

  • Then confirm this step in your iRobot Home app and check the box next to “I pressed the buttons”. Tap on the “Continue” button.

You can now manage your robot using the iRobot app. Making adjustments and taking controls become easy with the iRobot app at your disposal.