Roomba Not Charging

Roomba Not Charging! How To Fix?

Reasons behind the most commonly faced issues in your iRobot Roomba device can be many. Fortunately, a majority of these issues can be dealt with easily using zero to little of the setup process. This way you will be able to keep your house clean at all times. If you are facing the issue of Roomba not charging or some people call it Roomba won’t charge error, then this blog will help you resolve the same easily.

Solution for Roomba not charging error is that you have to clean the dirt off roomba charging ports using a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Try not using any substitutes of rubbing alcohol.

The complete process and all reasons are mentioned further for your roomba won’t charge error. If cleaning does not work then do reset it to default factory settings.

While this troubleshooting guide for Roomba home base not charging will only apply to iRobot Roomba 500, 600, 700, and 800 series, you can request for help with other models on our tech support helplines. 

Even if you have the best model of iRobot called Roomba i7+ not charging issue occurs – you can follow the cures mentioned below or you can just reach out to us, as we asked earlier. Do not worry our team has got you covered.

How to solve Roomba not charging error?

If you have just purchased the new robot device which has never been activated before, the issue may be related to the battery position. During the shipment, the battery may displace from the dedicated slot. Check if the battery is in its place or not. If you find that the battery is shifted, you can move it back to its place.

You can now plug in the home base and wait for the light. Once you see the light blink every 4 seconds, you can be sure that the Roomba has started charging and you now not be facing the Roomba won’t charge anymore issue.

However, if you do not see the LED indicator light blinking on your iRobot Roomba, you can either try charging the Roomba in a different power outlet. Also, check if the charger or the Home Base cable isn’t damaged. 

If so, replace the existing home base with a new one. In number of cases, such a problem occurs and the user just can’t aware of the deteriorating home power base situation.

Light glowing but iRobot Roomba not charging. How to solve it?

If there is an issue of Roomba not charging, then the very first step is to check the cleaner device. Make sure there is no debris or dirt built up inside the cleaner wall. 

This may result in a thick layer of dust on the charging contacts of the home base and the robot, thus preventing Roomba from charging and causing the issue to arise.

 If you find such build-up inside the home base or robot, you can remove the same using a soft dry cloth or a soft sponge.

If there’s no such buildup, remove the Roomba robot from the home base and flip it over. Disconnect it from the caster wheel and give the caster wheel a check to make sure there is no debris build up inside it.

If found, clean the same using a soft cloth or sponge. For future references, kindly keep your cleaning iRobot Roomba clean so to avoid such mechanism error.

If you are using the Roomba 500 and 600 series, press the clean button and hold the Spot and Dock button for 10 seconds. Whereas, if you are using the 700 and 800 series, you’ll need to press the Clean button for about 10 seconds until you hear rest from the display. 

You can now reboot your iRobot roomba device to check if it is charging and now we are mostly sure it is. Your iRobot roomba won’t charge issue must have been sorted by now.

Roomba not charging and other Roomba errors

There are many other errors, issues, problems, or say activities that come are common in nature and can be dealt with easily.

We are mentioning them on this page with their solutions and meanings, for your comfort and so that you can sort and understand them on your own. Read all these Roomba details carefully. They are necessary to be known. 

Roomba charging dock light goes off

This is one of the biggest reasons why one should always learn the LED behavior of the networking devices and of smart home appliances etc.
There will always be the need for you to know what the LED indicates, if you did you won’t be searching for it. It’s fine, but please kindly know your devices.
About the Roomba charging dock light goes off the issue, it is not really an issue. The dimming or turning off that green light indicates that the Roomba is completely charged.
So, you might take it off the charging station or keep your Roomba there it really does not matter.

Roomba battery replacement

On the topic of how to replace the battery of your roomba? It is an easy task to do and we will tell you how. The first step is obviously to know even if your Roomba needs new batteries or not. So, how to know this, check for the following signs –

  • Is your Roomba stopping repeatedly in between the cleaning cycle? Is your Roomba not working properly as per scheduled tasks?
  • Roomba sometimes even dies while going back to the charging station after completing the scheduled task.

If you are facing the above given issues/ problems with your Roomba, then you need to replace the batteries, as soon as possible. They are dying or they are almost dead. 

The second step is to order the batteries for your roomba, get your roomba Lithium-ion batteries of good quality. Get it from a good and trusted manufacturer.

Once you have received or bought your lithium-ion batteries, you have now arrived at the Roomba battery replacement process. Start by turning off the appliance and carefully, turn your Roomba upside down. 

There is a battery cover tightly bolted up with screws. Get a screwdriver and loose open those screws. Once you do, lift open the cover and take old batteries out. Insert the newly bought batteries and screw close the battery compartment.

If you won’t replace the batteries in timely manner you may come across to the Roomba won’t charge issue. People tend to confuse it, but we have mentioned the signs check for them. 

Roomba i7 not charging

There is a number of reasons why you are facing Roomba i7 not charging error. First of all, we will be listing the things that you will be checking beforehand. 

Then we will be going to the final solution for your roomba not charging issue because there are times hard solutions are not the answers.

  • Is your roomba even connected to the power socket? It is silly when you hear that people make mistakes.
  • Look if the battery is installed or not; if it is installed then be sure of the fact that it should be installed properly.
  • When was the last time to replace the battery on your roomba? It should not be more than two or two and a half years.

If all of that is fine then perform the reboot process of the Roomba. For rebooting your Roomba, you need to press the reset button for like twenty seconds and release it. Give it a minute or two till the light turns off. Then, you may restart the Roomba.

Roomba charging error 3

Roomba charging error 3 occurs in the iRobot Roomba i series. If you are completely sure of the fact that you are facing this error then, it is time to replace the Roomba.
This error causes Roomba to not to work properly. Just call the roomba support and replace your Roomba. This is the only solution here.

Roomba stops charging after a few minutes

This roomba stops charging after a few minutes issue is mostly caused when the batteries are about to die. 

Just take this tip – In order to keep your roomba in usage for long period of time, you must always buy good quality batteries and charge your roomba patiently always for two hours. It needs that much time to get properly charged.

  • First of all, check if you are finding any dirt or dust stuck to the charging ports of the roomba. Clean it, we hope it will work. If it does not follow the next instruction.
  • Do the hard reset and even if that does not work, you should know that you have changed the roomba batteries from your iRobot roomba.

We hope it to be helpful, in case it does not. Then, reach out to us. Our excellent team of tech support is here just for your help. 

Reach out any time you find feasible, just drop a text right in the chat box and we will be helping your cause with the Roomba.

Roomba home base not charging

The couple of reasons for the roomba home base not charging issue are listed right here, check if that is all okay.

  • Are the charging ports of the base station dirty or filled with dust? If they are use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol for the purpose of cleaning. Keep them clean for further.
  • Check if the power socket is receiving proper electricity. These machines need proper electricity to function. We hope you to take care of it.

These are the only two possible options. If your issue ain’t sorted by them, then you know what you need to do.


Roomba charging light not on

If your Roomba is plugged into the home base and iRobot not charging; in that case, you need to check on the following things.

  • Are the charging ports of the roomba clean or dirty? Clean them.
  • We really want to know when was the last time you replaced the batteries on your iRobot roomba. If it has been two years, replace them.
  • Check if the power connection is fine. Less electricity supply is an issue.
  • Lastly, reboot it and then, hard reset it. This is the only way.

Even if your Roomba doesn’t work – contact support and demand a replacement.

Roomba not charging on dock

There are times when the roomba not charging on dock problem may occur. There are some possible reasons that we will be discussing here that your roomba is not charging on the dock.
Have a glance and check if the home station is powered up or not because it is supposed to be; check for the power connectivity – proper power supply is always required.
Check if the power plugin ports of roomba are clean or not. If they are not clean them with a soft cloth and with some rubbing alcohol.
Last but not least try changing the batteries and that will be all. We hope you are no longer facing any issue, in case you are just contact us.

Final Word: Roomba won’t charge Error

When you face issues like iRobot Roomba not charging or more, there are two ways you can resolve them. First, make sure that the charging pins on the Home Base are clean and there’s no build-up dust or dirt, or check the charging contacts on the cleaner or the caster wheel for such buildup. 

This buildup prevents contact between the essential parts and thus you face issues such as iRobot not charging.

Furthermore, making sure that you get the right battery model can be helpful in ensuring that your robot has sufficient power to operate from. 

Our last suggestion to your bucket for the smooth functioning of your cleaning robot is to make sure that the Roomba robot itself is tidy and completely powered up.

If you are still facing Roomba won’t charge error, you can reach out to the team at our end for help at any time. Our helplines are always open in order to make your home a smart home.