Use Roomba without wifi

How To Use Roomba Without WiFi?

Are you wondering if a Roomba robot needs Wi-Fi? The answer is No, Roomba vacuums don’t require a Wi-Fi connection to work. They can even work without one. However, this is possible only as long as you have configured the settings correctly. This blog will walk you through the steps you can follow to use Roomba without WiFi and a smartphone.

Roomba Without The Wi-Fi Connection

Roomba vacuum does not always need an active internet connection to clean your home. However, the first time that you are setting things up, you will indeed need an active internet connection. But once you have configured the settings, you can simply follow the steps mentioned to proceed without a wifi connection:

  • Press the “CLEAN” button on the vacuum and the robot will start to work normally.
  • Use the ‘SPOT CLEAN’ button on the robot if you want it to clean a specific area. Once the area is cleaned, press the ‘HOME’ button to allow the Roomba to return to the home.
  • You’ll need to make sure that you start a cleaning session on a home base, else, Roomba won’t return to the charging base. In case the battery drains out, the Roomba will stop at the location and you can move the same to the base for charging, manually.


Features That Won’t Work When Roomba Not Connected To Wi-Fi

As discussed above, it is not necessary to have an active Wi-Fi connection. You can make Roomba clean the floors without it as well. The Roomba vacuum can be run without an internet connection. The only thing you’ll need an internet connection for is to check the cleaning reports and edit the cleaning schedules, etc. All of this gets updated on the cloud account automatically when the robot is on WiFi. So unless you are looking for regularly updated data, you can keep your Roomba disconnected from the WiFi network at your home.

Cleaning with Roomba without WiFi

It doesn’t matter if you have a WiFi network or not. If you wish your Roomba to clean the floors, you can simply use the buttons on the top of the robot to start a cleaning session, or clean a particular spot and return back to its charging dock. Based on the model you use, you can use the CLEAN, SPOT CLEAN, and DOCK buttons on the robot to perform related functions.

To clean using your Roomba iRobot without a Smartphone, all you have to do is press the ‘CLEAN’ button on the top. Once you do, the robot will start a cleaning session. Once the entire cleaning area is done, it will also automatically return to the dock using its IR sensors.

Roomba Without WiFi

Features Of Using Roomba With A Wi-Fi Network

Reasons that justify using Roomba with a Wi-Fi connection and iRobot app on your mobile are convenience and easy device management.

Using a smartphone you can schedule your cleaning sessions with the help of an iRobot app and a solid Wi-Fi connection will only aid in the process. Connecting Roomba to WiFi allows a user to remotely start a cleaning session and view reports from the past cleaning cycles. Here are some steps you can follow to do that:

  • Just open the iRobot app on your Smartphone. Press the Clean button to start the cleaning session from any remote location.
  • Once the cleaning session is complete, the reports will become available on the iRobot app which you can access easily.

Using Roomba Without WiFi

Though, using Roomba with a wifi network and a smartphone has its own merits, using it without them is possible. The manual setup process may take an extra effort, but the results will remain the same. You can choose any mode to operate your Roomba device and it will give you an experience that’s not much different while completing the prime task- cleaning.

Hope this blog was helpful to you in understanding how to use Roomba without Wi-Fi. If you still have any doubts about the Roomba wifi setup, you can reach out to our team of experts.