Roomba Doesn't Work

Why Roomba Doesn’t Work & What You Can Do About It?

Roomba robots are the perfect companion for those looking to keep their homes clean at all times. The robot can help you accomplish cleaning tasks effortlessly and maintain your premises in the best shape. However, sometimes the robot may not respond to commands or does not clean on its own or there may be some other issue as well. When you face such issues, it is important to follow the right troubleshooting steps so you can restore the functioning and get back to cleaning in no time. This blog will walk you through some reasons why Roomba doesn’t work and what you can do about it.

Common Issues You Might Face

Some of the most common issues you can face with your Roomba robot are:

  • Roomba doesn’t power up
  • Roomba not charging issue
  • Unusual Movement issues
  • Roomba doesn’t clean properly

Resolving Issues With iRobot Roomba

When you are facing issues with handling your Roomba robot, it is easy to lose hope. However, with adequate troubleshooting and help, you can always resolve the underlying issues and make your Roomba functional again. Here is some information to help you out.

Roomba Doesn’t Power Up

If the Roomba robot is not charged, the battery level may drop and prevent the robot from booting up. This might be an issue with the power connections between the charging base and the power outlet. Check if the two are connected securely.
Next, check if the charging contacts on the home base and the robot are clean. This will ensure that the battery gets charged easily at all times. Also, inspect the battery that you have installed in your robot. If the battery is dead, the robot will not show any light indication. Replace the battery with a new one and see if the robot powers on itself now.

Roomba Not Charging Issue

If the troubleshooting light is blinking while the robot is on charge, there may be a problem with the battery charging. Different blinking patterns may indicate different meanings.

Single Blink- Battery not connected.

Double to Five Blinks- Charging Error in Roomba

Six Blinks- Battery Overheated.

Seven Blinks– Battery Not Cooling Down.

To troubleshoot the Roomba charging errors, you can connect the battery securely. Also, check if the charging contacts are clean and if you are using the compatible charger and cable supplied with the Roomba robot. If the battery overheats, turn off the robot for a while and allow the battery to cool down for some time. Move your battery to a ventilated/Air-conditioned space. If the battery still takes a long time to cool down, it’s better to change it with a new one.

Unusual Movement Issues

Sometimes if there’s dirt or trash stuck to the wheels or the moving brushes, the robot may appear like dragging or the movement may become unusual as well. If the front wheel is jammed, remove the debris or blockage caused by any foreign objects around the axle joint. This will release the wheel and it may move freely now.
Also, check the side brush for issues. If there’s debris stuck to it, clean it. Furthermore, if you’re noticing Roomba backing up and spinning in circles, there can be some underlying issues. Notice if there’s some verbal message for the error. Check the sensors and clean them so the robot can function normally. You can also try checking the Roomba’s brushes to eliminate the issue.

Roomba Doesn’t Clean Properly

If you notice that roomba isn’t cleaning properly, check if the dustbin is full or the filter is dirty. Try cleaning the filter and empty the bin. If you suspect the brushes have to do with the issue, you can clean the brushes to remove any trash stuck to them.
Once you have followed these basic troubleshooting steps, you will notice that your Roomba is working fine once again. If you need more help resolving Roomba doesn’t work, you can always get in touch with the technical support team at our end.