How to connect Roomba to asus wifi 6 router

How To Connect Roomba To Asus WiFi6 Router?

So, we are right now meeting the new owner of an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, and you are here looking for ways to connect Roomba to ASUS WiFi 6 router. We are guessing that was your query, and it is how you landed here.

A Roomba is seriously becoming a hype and an obvious household choice these days because this robot vacuum is saving you tons of time and energy. It is making people happy and giving them time to relax. Yes, it’s a bit noisy, we know, but which vacuum isn’t. You can schedule your Roomba, so you may take a chill pill while your Roomba vacuum is cleaning the floors of the house.

This smart robotic vacuum system is even aware of cliffs, stairs, and walls. It has the caliber to detect other hurdles too. The best part is if you are a dog or a cat owner – then it is a perfect cleaning partner. It helps you clean all the pet hair lying on floor around house.

It is an amazing gadget for people with full-time jobs because we know well that you may not find enough time to clean. With Roomba, feel free to schedule your cleaning time and days. So, when you arrive home from a tiring day, then you must have one less task to do.

Specifications You Must Inquire About Thoroughly.

Connect Roomba to ASUS WiFi 6 router is a brilliant choice. We have reasons for it. A Roomba can only be connected to a Wi-Fi router that has either a 2.4GHz band or a band of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Roomba does not allow itself to be connected to a 5GHz band of the router. Make sure of this specification and check the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi.

There is another thing you must take care of – The models of Roomba that connect to Wi-Fi are less in number; not all Roomba’s connect to the Wi-Fi.

Check If You Have One Of The Following Roomba Models –

  • Roomba 690
  • Roomba 890
  • Roomba 960
  • Roomba 980

If you have purchased one of the vacuum robots above-mentioned, we must say – Nice Choice. You are further moving towards the real query.

Connect Roomba To ASUS WiFi 6 Router

Make sure you follow the steps in order for a successful connection of both devices.

Let’s Walk You Through Them.

Step 1 – Make sure to download and install the iRobot application on your phone. Run the application. iRobot app is on App Store and Google Play store.

Step 2 – Create your iRobot account by carefully selecting the country, language, and time zone. So, commanding and scheduling become easy.

Step 3 – The page of terms and conditions must be flashing on the screen; make sure to accept them all for the sake of a further continuation.

Step 4 – Time to sign in to the account you created.

Step 5 – As you have created the account on the iRobot app successfully. Furtherly, you may now select the Roomba model that you own.

Note: In case you have a Braava Jet, opt for it.

Step 6 – Let the application work now; it will automatically detect the ASUS WiFi 6 router because of its compatibility.

Step 7 – You will now be redirected to enter the credentials of the ASUS WiFi. Enter them, so the Roomba can connect itself to the Wi-Fi.

Step 8 – You have connected the application to the Wi-Fi.

Step 9 – Now, you may press the home button and the target button on the iRobot Roomba. Keep it in simultaneity for a couple of seconds.

Step 10 – Now, you must be looking at the lit-up LED indicator of Roomba. The light of the LED must be green in color.

Step 11 – This last step is automatically done by your Roomba, which is connecting itself to the application and to the Asus Wi-Fi network too.

So, congratulations, you have connected your Roomba to ASUS WiFi 6 router. A pat on the back for a job well done. If the Roomba is still not connected to the Asus WiFi 6 router, feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be helping you to come to a solution for this query. That is why we are here for.