Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning

Why Is My Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning?

iRobot Roomba is one great piece of tech that can help you save time and have a clean home. And, they can do it better than most of us can(exceptions included). But, issues with the robot and its moving parts can also bring about trouble. One of the most common issues that users often report is the ‘Roomba brush not spinning.’

The spinning brush you see on one side of the Roomba allows it to clean the L corners of your home. And if there’s an issue with its spinning, you might need to manually clean the area. To avoid that, you can always follow some basic troubleshooting steps. This blog will walk you through the information about resolving the Roomba side brush not spinning issue in no time

Roomba Brush Not Spinning- Reasons

There can be several reasons why the brush on your Roomba stops spinning. From the side brush module getting jammed, to a weak and poorly-lubricated brush motor, damaged motor parts can also cause issues with the Brush spin.

Brush Not Spining

Brush Module Jammed

When Roomba moves around your home, it sucks up the dirt and debris through the vacuum suction opening. However, in the outer area where your wheel and the brush motor are located, dirt, pet hair, and other things might get stuck. When this accumulation increases over time, it hinders the movement of the parts causing issues with the Brush module.

The Brush Module has a mechanical gearbox inside it, that transfers the power from the motor to the wheel. If there is trash and gunk accumulated inside the same, it will again cause Roomba Brush not spinning issues.

Weak and Poorly-Lubricated Brush Motor

If the brush motor has turned weak over time and is not lubricated fairly, it may cause the brush to stop spinning. Though motor failure issues have not been very common, if it does happen, you can connect with the nearest iRobot dealer or store for a warranty replacement.

Damaged Parts

The Roomba brushes not spinning issue may also arise due to damaged parts. You can run a Demo on your Roomba and check if the side brush motor is turning correctly. If you hear a humming sound but can’t see a movement, there’s a high chance that the gearbox is clogged or the gear teeth are damaged. If the motor does not spin, it might have failed.

How To Resolve The Roomba Brush Not Spinning Issue?

Once you have identified the real reason why Roomba brushes are not spinning, you can follow some easy steps to resolve the same. Here are some steps you can follow:

Cleaning and Lubricating The Brushes

The very first step you can take is cleaning the dirt and debris off the cleaning brush. Remove the brush from underneath the robot and remove any hairs and fabrics stuck to it. Once clean, you can lubricate the side brush module using machine oil. Since spinning issues may also be due to rust build-up, lubricating the module parts will help resolve the issue easily.

Cleaning The Gearbox and Motor

Unscrew the rear portion of your Roomba and unscrew the side brush using a screwdriver. Remove the module and open it carefully so as not to damage the gears inside. Once disassembled, you can clean all the dirt and dust from over the gear teeth and motor housing. Also, make sure you lubricate the motor shaft that attaches to the spinning brush. This will ensure that the Roomba brushes not spinning issue does not arrive again.

Replacing The Damaged Parts

If the Roomba brush does not spin even after you have cleaned and lubricated the motor parts and brushes, it is important that you replace them with new ones. Most Roomba models include an extra replacement brush. If not, you can order one from the company or visit the nearest store.