How to turn off Roomba i7 to save battery

How To Turn Off Roomba i7 To Save Battery? Quick & Simple Tips

How to turn off the Roomba i7 to save battery is one of the most important questions. For the people who have recently bought a new Roomba vacuum, it is of major concern. Let us tell you that Roomba devices are designed to clean your homes on a regular basis. So they are meant to be always turned On and not turned Off.

However, if you are going on vacation or moving to a new home, the Roomba surely needs to be powered Off. Few users have found it a little complex to turn Off their Roomba devices maybe because it’s designed so.

So if you are searching for ways to learn how to turn Off Roomba to save battery, you are on the right page. In this post, we will help you learn how to put your Roomba vacuum on standby mode when you are about to go on vacation.

Learn About Your iRobot Roomba i7

The Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that does more than just vacuum-cleaning your house. The iRobot Roomba i7 is designed to clean your floors and reach every corner to ensure zero dust and debris. 

The Roomba vacuum is one of the most innovative smart home products on the market. You can connect your Roomba to Alexa or Google Assistant to set up daily cleaning schedules. So now you can give up the cleaning task as the Roomba i7 is there for you. The device will clean your house on a regular basis at a scheduled time. Overall, the Roomba device makes your home cleaning job easier and allows you to allot your time to some other tasks or activities. 

The company iRobot has designed a moping robot too called Braava. These robots are making homes smarter and life easier.


Why Roomba i7?

A Roomba i7 is one of the best and most high-tech iRobot launched by the company. It is a smarter and more powerful cleaning master that your home needs. All the features are elaborated below

Smart Vacuum – The vacuum is smarter than you may think, and it gets smarter with every update, so your house remains clean and tidy.

Even the hardware installed in your Roomba is smart enough to easily access the upcoming updates and advancements. The vacuum is ten times more powerful than a normal vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Cleaning – About its cleaning power, we should say that it has brought a cleaning revolution to homes. Everything is customizable on this Roomba through the iRobot Roomba smartphone application.

It picks and cleans up your fallen cereal, dog hair, and even that knocked-down potted plant. So, there is no need for you to lift a finger. This robot will do it for you.

Intelligent Mapping and Charge – Yes, about the intelligent mapping and smart charge features that come along with this vacuuming robot. Intelligent mapping allows you to map your home for the iRobot and clean it accordingly.

Do not worry about the hurdles – the Roomba is of the capability to identify cliffs, hurdles and walls in complete caliber. Talking about the smart charge feature – the iRobot Roomba here has a smart recharge system to charge enough and exactly for the task it is scheduled to.

Schedule the Tasks – Schedule the robot for cleaning and even turn off Roomba whenever you want while it will be on standby mode. You are even allowed to do all of this through the iRobot application means everything is at your fingertips.

With every update on the application, your Roomba gets smarter and cleans your home more efficiently.

Additional Points

Kids and Pets Friendly – The robot itself detects hurdles and deciphers its path according to that. Hence, you don’t worry about your iRobot Roomba.

That is why it is kid and pet-friendly. It even vacuums up all the pet hair from the floor and rugs – this is a big task for one to do, and here the Roomba is doing it effectively while saving all your time.

Easy Setup -The configuration of the robot is easy and simple. It requires the least ounces of effort for its setup. Even if you consider it difficult or you feel like you need any assistance, then our team of tech support experts is here to make it work for your sake.

We will help you to set your Roomba on the daily tasks. Reach us through the chatbox.

These features serve your place in keeping it tidy and clean with the help of the iRobot Roomba i7. Further on how to turn off Roomba and everything related to that.

How To Turn Off Roomba i7?

Obviously, no one keeps the Roomba on every time. There are times when you need to turn off Roomba. We all have our reasons for it such as –

  • For power saving
  • Times when you are going on a vacation
  • Some do it to maximize the battery life of the robot

No matter what your reason is, you will have all the information in the query paragraphs below.

How To Turn Off Roomba i7 But Keep It On Standby Mode?

This is a good option for people living alone and working nine to five. Because you do not have much time even to operate your Roomba or to charge it, that is why there are modes like smart charge and standby.

What Is Standby Mode?

Standby mode is known as Reduced Power Standby mode. In this function, the Roomba stays on power off mode except for charging. All other functionalities get turned off apart from the charging function.

However, a number of people use the mode when they are going on vacation. Like on a crisp weekend out, this mode can sort your issue of how do I turn off Roomba for vacation?

So, how to put the Roomba on the reduced power standby mode? Following are the steps for turning off the Roomba i7, follow in order –

  1. You must have the home base of the robot; only then can you do this. So, first of all, put it on the home base, press and hold the ‘spot clean’ button on your Roomba for about fifteen seconds.
  2. A tone will be played, confirming the knowledge that standby mode is in all activation.

Later, you may open your iRobot application, but you won’t be able to connect to it, in case of any scheduled cleanings. They are suspended now. Just press the clean button to reactivate from Roomba turn-off mode after you reach back.

How Do I Turn Off Roomba For Vacation?

In case you are going out of town for a long time and looking for a way, how do I turn off Roomba for vacation? Then, know this beforehand.

When you are on vacation, it means you’d be out for a long time, and remember your Roomba’s dirt compartment fills in a couple of cleaning rounds. So, for a long time – do not put it on standby mode.

At that time, just turn it off using the directions mentioned below and let the Roomba rest as you do –

  1. First of all, locate the clean button.
  2. Secondly, press and hold it till the lights on your Roomba turn off.

This was all about how do I turn off Roomba for vacation. It is recommended to use this way on vacations. Later all you need to do is to press the button called clean.

This will resume from the Roomba turn-off mode and will start all the cleaning processes again as per schedules. We hope you have understood how to turn off Roomba i7 now.

In Conclusion

We hope that your query related to the Roomba turn-off has been sorted by now through both purposes. Bon Voyage and cheers to you, if you are going on.
In case you feel like you need any sort of help or assistance for a query on how to turn off Roomba i7 to save battery, then do reach out to our experts of tech support to help you out with the issue.
They are here for your help. In order to reach out to us, all you need to do is to open the chat box mentioned on the site and then drop the text. We are available at your service.